Thursday, November 10, 2016

New Google Home is not an "Amazon Alexa".

Greetings Programs,

I was one of the many Google enthusiast that purchased the new Google Home hardware product. Many reviewers are comparing "Home" to "Alexa" and that is just not a fair comparison at all.

Amazon has had at lest two years to improve the Alexa product and it does work very well. However even now it can not do a simple function such as to be conversational as can the Home product from Google only days old.

And to be fair all around, perhaps Alexa will someday have that ability. For now though, I'm enjoying those functions that Home can do and do very well.

Though, Home can not directly access apps like Audible or Pocket Cast. I can still cast them to Home, since it is a Chromecast device. As an audio Chromecast, it has some very good speakers.

Oh and one last thing, it only works on a gmail google account! It will not work with the GSuite(aka Google Apps) accounts.

so until next time, caio

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wonderful Summers Day!! 8)


I wish I can stay inside today and type a long posting to my Blog and generally communicate with all my friends, tweets and circles on my social networks. But, of course its to nice a day to do that, perhaps tonight. I'll type then.

Moral of todays story, "enjoy the Day" it may not come again

It has been a while since writing anything. Well I did get the Thrive and it was great, I even got a used one for my wife Tina. It is her main machine now.

At the Lynden Community / Senior Center, more seniors now have Tablets, either iPad or Android. With the prices for good 7 inch tablets at around $150 at Walmart, more will by in. Mostly used for games, some for reading ebooks. I hope to be getting the New Nexus 7 and will be wiping my thrive and selling it to my Daughter Brandi.

Stormy my other daughter and I will be taking a mini vacation at the end of this month. We'll be going to visit my mom and stepdad Tom in Fruitland, Idaho. we'll be leaving on a Thursday and coming back on Sunday. While there, I'll be bringing my Chromebook and plan to give it to my mom, since I understand they have free wifi in their trailer park.

Other news... well Tina will be getting a Kidney transplant in Oct-Nov time frame. The donor is her sister in law Jackie. Since the last post, Tina has had two major surgeries, one in 2012 which repaired two hernias and removal of hanging skin from lost weight and water from Dialysis. Then this year in June, she had her left nonfunctional kidney show signs of growths and so they decided to get it out. It turned out that the growths where three different kinds of kidney cancer and the best news is the removal was self contained and Tina does not need any chemo or radiation therapy.  

my hope is that by next year at this time or earlier, we'll be on the road visiting everyone, we have longed to visit. Although, we have a few friends that have passed. We can still grieve with family that still with us. I know Tina is very focused on getting off dialysis, my hopes are with her in this effort.

type at ya all later.


Monday, September 12, 2011

OK 8)

I finally scrapped together the dollars to purchased a Toshiba Thrive 32gb Android Tablet. Man oh man, is this a really nice machine. Still getting use to it though, but I like it enough to pass my Toshiba Vista Laptop to my wife Tina. Yup, I'm totally Google or as I like to say, "I'm a Googler!". You know what I mean, it is like saying, "I'm a PC" or "I'm a Mac", well "I'm a Googler".

How you say are you only using Android? No, I have my CR48 (Chromebook), that I received last year for beta testing. That and my new Thrive, gets me just about everything I need. As soon as Netflix and Hulu allow streaming on the Thrive, then it will be even better.

I look forward to the future of Android and newer versions and more apps that take advantage of the tablets abilities. However in the meantime there are hundreds of older apps that run just fine on my Thrive.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Super Wi-Fi Has 100km Range, Is Coming to Save the Day | PCWorld

Super Wi-Fi Has 100km Range, Is Coming to Save the Day | PCWorld

Can't wait, this should be a great technology.

Think of an 802.22 device (transmit / receive signals) to a ethernet connection to your 802.11 router. No modem needed. and you could take it with you in your car/truck and have a mobile network. Or use Skype device(like a cell/smartphone) that uses 802.22 for VoIP, no wonder Microsoft purchased Skype, they'll be a phone company! wow! 8)

A tablet with 802.11/802.22/g3 networking built-in, be connected at all times. no more cell towers every 5-10 mile to maintain signal. 802.22 is good for 60 miles. oh ya, think of one for all of northwest whatcom county.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am again a Board member . . .

Well I no sooner finished my term as a Church Trustee Chairperson, that I'm now a Board member at my Local Lynden Community Center.

For the last Year, I've been volunteering at the Community Center (LCC), making coffee for lunches and other special events. I then started at the beginning of the year a computer class for beginners each 1st and 3rd Monday. This class and do more and more computer support related things for the LCC staff. I now even have an office totally cool!

I look forward to helping anyone wishing to expand their knowledge. Not just with computers, but in any other area I'm expert in.

Monday, December 27, 2010

My Grand Daughter has come for a visit ......

Hello all, My Grand Daughter Samantha (Sammi-poo) has come for a visit 8)

Tina is so happy, well we had a nice Christmas over at my eldest daughter Brandi home in Blaine. It was very fun we cooked and watched DVD's, surfed the net and generally had a nice time.

well hope everyone has a very special New Years